Three Easy Steps to help you purchase Final Expense Insurance

1. Learn more about Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance is a life insurance policy written for a specific purpose: To cover your funeral costs and other short-term debts you leave behind. Most policies are available in face amounts, typically ranging from $2,500 to $50,000 – much less than a standard life insurance policy. That’s because these policies are only intended to cover final expenses and no longer range expenses like ongoing living costs or college or retirement funding. If you’re trying to determine whether final expense insurance is right for you, please download our FREE Final Expense Guide.

Final Expense Guide

2. Determine Amount of Insurance you really need

The Average amount of Final Expense Insurance recommended is around $10,000. However, your actual amount will depend on wether you want to cover cremation or a traditional funeral with burial. If you prefer Direct Cremation, then you should purchase a minimum of $2,500. Or you may want cremation with viewing, and memorial service, which can cost up to $7,000. If you decide you want a Burial property and Cemetery Services, then plan to spend $12,000 or more. To make it easier, use our Final Expense Cost Estimator.

Final Expense Estimator

3. Determine your budget by comparing prices

You can qualify for a Burial insurance or Final Expense insurance policy a lot easier than a traditional Life insurance policy. There is no medical exam and most people qualify. Use our Final Expense calculator to run quotes with top final expense companies. Once you run quote, you can pick the company you like, the price you can afford, and complete the request from. One of our affiliated Final Expense Specialists will contact you right away to help you complete the application.

Final Expense Calculator

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