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Founded in 1967 with its headquarters located in White Plains, NY, Gerber Life Insurance Company is a licensed policy provider having operations in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US. It provides specially-designed insurance policies to adults as well as children as young as 14 days old.
It is one of the best financial and insurance institutions, rated as an A category company by the A.M. Best Rating Service Inc., and has provided coverage that amounts to a grand total of more than $50 billion. It also provides college and accidental plans to its customers.

Characteristics of Gerber Life Insurance for Adults

*The following is only applicable in the case of holding a Term Life Insurance policy

These are some of the features of the Term Life Insurance offered by the company:

Renewable Term Policies (can be renewed after expiration at a higher premium rate than the current one)
Convertible Term Policies (can be traded for an endowment or whole life policy before the conversion period specified in the policy)
Insurance Plans

Whole Life Insurance

  • The Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan is a whole life insurance that provides guaranteed coverage,as long as premiums are paid.
  • It also accumulates Cash value that Gerber Life insurance sets aside for your future. The longer you hold the policy, the more money accumulates in your policy.

Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance

  • Available to individuals between 50-80 years of age.
  • Coverage amount ranging from $5,000-25,000.
  • There are no medical exams, no health questions, no waiting for test results.
  • Your acceptance—regardless of your health—is guaranteed!.

Gerber Guaranteed Whole Life Rates

(These rates are available when you choose to pay via automatic draft payment)

Gerber Grow-Up Plan
The Gerber Life Grow-Up® Plan is designed specifically for children as young as 14 days and as old as 14 years who can get insured for as low as $5,000 and as high as $50,000. The premium charged in this Gerber family life insurance policy is fixed and not subject to increase during the duration when the policy is active.On expiry, individuals have the option to renew and keep using the same policy throughout adulthood, regardless of whether their occupation and health condition changes for the worse. The coverage amount also doubles as soon as a child reaches 18 years of age, with no increase in premium amount.


Term Life Insurance

  • Insurance coverage for as low as $25,000 and as high as $150,000.
  • Coverage periods range from a minimum of 10 years and goes up to a maximum of 30 years.
  • The locked premium rate charged throughout the duration of the policy.
  • For coverage up to $100,000, individuals aged between 18-50 years may not be required to participate in a medical exam.

Accident Protection Insurance

  • Coverage for accidental injury or death.
  • Signing up for this policy automatically qualifies you and your spouse for $200,000 in coverage if both of you are between 19-69 years old.
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