Great Western Life Insurance Company Review

Great Western Insurance Company has been helping funeral homes with Pre-need funeral insurance for over 30 years. Great Western’s financial Strength originates from a dedication to the funeral profession. Although the company had its beginnings in Ogden, Utah, its pre-need funeral funding and Final Expense plans are offered in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a policy with Great Western Insurance, and need to make changes, please contact them directly by calling 800-733-5454

Pre-Need Funeral Plans through Great Western  Insurance Company

Great Western Life insurance is a cast-iron guarantee for a ceremony held according to your own preferences.

Great Western Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance coverage through Great Western Life Insurance, it’s a great alternative to their pre-need insurance plan. It definitely broadens the options for adequate protection and peace of mind in the future. When it comes to preparing for the unavoidable, it is great to have some guarantee. No one knows what the future holds, and that highlights the importance of funeral planning. Consequently, Great Western Life insurance now offers a unique Final Expense Insurance plan for everyone through independent life insurance agencies. With a Great Western final expense insurance policy, your family will forget about burial costs, taxes, and any other charges associated with an at-need ceremony. The company already has a solid reputation as a leading pre-need insurance provider, and a partner of funeral homes and independent agents. With the Creation of this Final expense insurance product, Great Western Life Insurance Company will be able to offer these benefits and superior service to the independent agent and its clients.

Getting Deeper Insight into Great Western Guaranteed Assurance

Great Western Guaranteed Assurance eases the emotional pain as well as most financial burdens for your loved ones in the darkest of times. It provides the whole family with shelter to get through the storm. When opting for Great Western funeral insurance, individuals have permanent protection, as long as, they pay their premiums. Unlike qualifying for other packages, you need not undergo scores of medical tests and answer awkward questions. GWIC places an increasing focus on customer satisfaction and believes that paperwork stands in the way of making a deal. The company is always ready to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile for you to get the policy. Among the most outstanding features of Guaranteed Assurance are:

  • Coverage from the very first day once you qualify.
  • Full payout in case of death during the first two years of the policy.
  • Compensation in the amount of 110% of the paid premiums in case of non-accidental death during the same period.
  • $1,000 bonus rider for a surviving spouse if both husband and wife apply for the package together.
  • You can accelerate the death benefit if you have 12 months or less to live.
  • $2,500 payout in case of death of a grandchild or dependent child.

Great Western Guaranteed Assurance is also available in the Assurance Plus version. As with the standard package, this product doesn’t require any medical examinations to qualify. It features the same benefits as the first plan, with a notable exception – 125% death benefit. Great Western Insurance Company also offers a free-look period of 30 days. That means a policyholder can terminate the contract during the specified period without extra charges.

Great Western Guaranteed Assurance Sample Rates

(Sample Rates for Female Non-Smoker $5,000 to $20,000)


Why Is Pre-Planning Important for Everyone?

According to recent estimates provided by Great Western Insurance Company, a funeral will cost your loved ones more than $21,000 (according to average prices charged by funeral homes all over the USA). Often, Family members take half-measures and make regretful decisions when arranging an at-need burial service. After all, they are trying to cope with grief and with the unbearable pain. Since there is no time left, at-need funeral services are twice as expensive as pre-need ones, causing unnecessary hardships to your family. The Great Western final expense solution ensures that a policyholder takes financial responsibility for their funeral in the future. It is a wise thing to do at any age if you want to help your family when the unavoidable occurs.

National Average Final Expense Costs

Leaving a plan to follow is the fulfillment of your unsaid wishes. Great Western funeral insurance provides you with an opportunity to think through all the ins and outs of a ceremony, memorial, entombment, visitation, headstone epitaph, and casket type well in advance. When you take control of how everything will be held, you enable your loved ones to honor your memory and start the recovery process as soon as the funeral is over.

Another benefit of last journey preparations is paying for all services at today’s prices. Every year funeral costs sharply escalate, putting individuals in an extreme situation. Planning a ceremony and pre-funding the whole scope of services will help you fight future inflation. It is the Great Western pre-need insurance that allows you to save large sums of money in the long run.

Great Western Insurance Company cares about customers and their families. While making an insurance offer you cannot refuse, it becomes a right choice for your needs in the future. As an extra option, GWIC sells group products for corporate clients to cover final expenses of their employees.


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