Metlife Final Expense Whole Life Insurance Review

MetLife Final Expense Insurance may be the right plan for you. If you are between 45 and 75 years of age, you qualify for the new MetLife final expense insurance. MetLife Final Expense Insurance is affordable and easy to obtain. You can apply via telephone and online, and qualify without medical questions or exams.

Met Life Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life is available for adults between 45 and 75 years of age, and coverage ranges from $2,500 to $50,000. Additionally, This policy builds cash value and its premiums never increase. Final Expense Whole Life is a non-cancelable policy and is good for the rest of your life if you pay your premiums on time. Met Life’s final expense will give you and your family peace of mind and financial stability.

How Does Metlife Final Expense Compare to Other Companies?

Very seldom does a Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance plan offers better prices than regular final expense insurance. In addition to higher prices, there is always a 2-Year waiting period before it pays the full death benefit. Metlife Guaranteed Whole Life is not any different. Therefore, We do not recommend this type of policy unless you have serious medical issues and you have no other choice. The good news is that there are many options available at lower prices and without the evil 2-year waiting period. Ultimately, Our goal is to help you do a complete analysis of your situation and help you find the ideal plan. You deserve to pay the right price, not a penny more!

Met life Final Expense Rate Comparison

( $10,000 of Coverage for a Female Non Smoker)

If you are between 25 and 85 years old, we can find an affordable Final Expense Insurance plan for you. Our Calculator will allow you to obtain prices for up to $50,000 of whole life insurance without a medical exam. We only ask a few health questions, and we can provide you with approval in as fast as 24 hours! Use our Final Expense Calculator and find the best plan for your needs and budget.


Why Obtain Metlife Guaranteed Whole Insurance?

Forty-six percent of senior citizens in the United States have less than $10,000 in financial assets at the end of their lifetimes. This may not be enough to cover unpaid medical expenses, credit card bills, and funeral costs, causing significant burdens for their loved ones. As a result, 41 percent of American adults don’t have any life insurance at all. MetLife Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life insurance requires no medical underwriting, allowing you to get approved right away. However, there is a limited death benefit during the first two years of the policy for death other than by accident. Hence, it is very important to shop with various final expense companies to see if your health allows you better prices and benefits. In conclusion, We recommend comparing Metlife Final Expense and Metlife guaranteed Whole Life with other top-rated Final Expense Insurance Companies. Our Insurance calculator will help you compare prices and benefits with many Top-rated Life Insurance Companies.

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Disclaimer: This article is for information and comparison purposes only. We do not represent or distribute any MetLife Insurance products.

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