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Our Website provides you with the best Final Expense Life insurance and Burial Insurance Quotes online. Compare Insurance rates with top rated No Exam Life insurance companies like: Americo, Gerber, Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, AIG, Transamerica, and more! Once you generate a Life Insurance quote from one of our Insurance Calculators, a licensed insurance representative will contact you and get you approved fast!


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(18 to 85 Years of Age)

It is a Permanent Whole Life policy, and you can qualify for up to $40,000 of coverage without a Medical Exam. Your Insurance can never be cancelled as long as the premiums are paid throughout the life of the policy. Your approval is based on a few medical questions on application. This type of Final Expense insurance is ideal for covering your funeral costs, paying probate or settling debts. It is also known as Burial Insurance.




(40 to 85 Years of Age)

If you are in the age-gap of 40-85, Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance will provide you and your family with up to $40,000 (40-80 years of age ) of coverage without medical questions. Your approval is guaranteed! Guaranteed Whole Life will protect you and your loved ones from any financial troubles like paying medical bills, clearing credit card debts or covering funeral expenses.


(18 to 65 Years of Age)

It is a life insurance policy without the results of your medical examination or your medical records. No need to stress yourself out about tests and doctors. If you want to qualify for up to $400,000 of Insurance Coverage, there is nothing simpler and easier than a No Exam Life Insurance Policy.


Testimonials From Our Satisfied Clients

Michelle Jones, Georgia

Before I was paying $68 a month for a $10,000 Final Expense plan. Thanks to Final Expense Rate I was able to find a $20,000 Whole Life Insurance plan for just $90 per month with Americo. It was super awesome to find such an excellent offer.

Barbara Long, California

I wanted to apply for a simple Burial Insurance plan at $3,000, but here I got a great Single Premium Whole Life Policy for only $6,000. It will keep me secure for the rest of my life, no additional payments required. Thank you!

Mary Torres, Virginia

I was not aware that my policy with AARP insurance went up in price every 5 years. Moreover, my coverage will expire when I reach the age of 80! Now I have a Permanent insurance policy with cash value and funeral benefits I did not have before!

John Hinkley, Arizona

Before I was paying for a 2-year waiting plan with Colonial Penn Insurance.
Thanks to Final Expense Rate I was able to find a No-Waiting Whole Life insurance plan for just $49 per month for $10,000!

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You have worked hard to earn your money in order to provide for your loved ones. Perhaps you have also purchaesd life insurance to protect your family during your working years. However, You have probably not provided them with an insurance policy to help them cover your funeral expenses. This type of policy is called Final expense insurance and it offers the right financial shield In the toughest of times. It makes you final day easy, knowing there’s a final expense insurance policy that will take care of your family, no matter what.

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