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A no exam Life insurance policy is granted based only on the answers you give in the application form. You can choose either a No Exam Term Life insurance, or a Permanent No Exam Life insurance policy. There are no difficult or unpleasant medical examinations and procedures required. Just fill in the details and run the No Exam Life insurance calculator to receive multiple quotes from some of the best Life insurance companies. No Exam Life insurance proposes a fast approval process, so you will be able to get an approval in days instead of weeks.

No Exam Life Insurance

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Wether you are a senior, mid-aged, or younger adult, you may feel confused or misled regarding No Exam life insurance online. You may not be aware of the various types of simplified and affordable life insurance plans available to you. However, thanks to our online life insurance calculator, and our digital application system, you can comfortably receive quotes and approval from various life insurance companies, based on your current age, health, and location.

No exam Life insurance


You can easily get a quote by utilizing our No exam Life Insurance Calculator. You begin by entering your personal information, the amount of coverage, and you decide if you want: Term life, Return of Premium benefit, or Lifetime insurance coverage. Once you click on “View Quotes”, you will see a variety of options from the best life Insurance companies. Once you choose the right one for you, and complete the application request form, a Life insurance specialist will contact you to help you complete the qualification process. It is simple and easy!

A No Exam Life Insurance policy is an express issue life insurance designed to streamline the qualifying process, and it utilizes the latest underwriting and database technologies. No Medical exams are required. In approximately 48 Hours, the client’s medical data, and the information compiled from the application are combined and analyzed to provide a competitive insurance rate and an official approval by the Life Insurance Company.

A term life insurance policy is a temporary insurance designed to protect you for 10, 20 or 30 years, depending on your insurance need and affordability. It is the most cost efficient way to insure your family, your mortgage, and your business during the most vulnerable time of your life, specifically between 25 and 55 years of age. Term Life Insurance can also be converted to a Permanent Life Insurance without the need to re-qualify medically.

A Term Life insurance policy has the option to be designed with a Return of Premium option. With this additional feature, all the premiums paid during the term, usually, 15, 20, and 30 years, will be returned to the client, 100% percent guaranteed! A Return of Premium policy is a great way to insure a family, and to establish a savings plan for the near future. If the client decides to invest the refund with the insurance company, the policy can be converted to a reduced paid up Whole Life insurance of lesser value.

While term life insurance terminates at a certain age, Permanent Life insurance can last a lifetime as long as you pay your premiums. You can choose to extend your guaranteed permanent protection to Age, 90, 100 or even to 120 years of Age. These types of policies also offer cash value and living benefits like: Critical Illness, Chronical Illness, and Terminal illness protection. It is a great way to protect your investments, and your estate during your pre-retirement years, specifically between 45 and 75 years of Age.