Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Review

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Life insurance provides peace of mind during a major event, like as the case of death. However, traditional life insurance may be hard to qualify for, this is especially true when the applicant is unhealthy at a young age. In order to make life insurance easier for everyone, a more flexible insurance policy called “Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance” has been introduced as an easier alternative.

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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is the best option available for people who do not want to go through a medical examination and the long verification process of traditional insurance policies. The NCE Guaranteed Issue Life insurance policy is a good option for unhealthy individuals who do not qualify for regular life insurance.

Amount of Coverage and Benefits

You may choose to apply for either $25,000 or $50,000 of guaranteed issue term life insurance coverage since NCE does not require a medical exam or health questions. In the first year of death, NCE will pay 120% of the accumulated paid premiums to the beneficiary. In the second year, 20% of the policy amount is paid. On day 1 of year 3 and after, the policy will pay the full death benefit.

-With life insurance, your credit is your age and health. Get it now, or you may not qualify later.-

Life and death are the two most unpredictable elements in a person’s life. Just like how you can’t decide when and where you are born, similarly, one has no control over death. A person who remains clueless about when their time will come to leave this earth does not make arrangements for their dependents. However, even if one doesn’t have control over when one dies, one can still provide security for their family through life insurance.

Since life insurance is a long-term policy, there are several major events that take place during this period. This is the reason we recommend reviewing your policy and its terms annually to make sure you have enough coverage. Major events include Marriage, property investment, divorce, separation, and childbirth. The irony of life insurance is the fact that young people qualify and can afford the premiums, while older people may not qualify and cannot afford the high premiums.

The guaranteed issue life insurance policy provides payout benefits under the following two categories:

Death Benefit

The insured’s named beneficiaries will receive the money from the insurance company upon the insured’s death. The whole lump sum amount is paid at the time of maturity unless there are certain predefined payment conditions.

Accidental Death Benefit

If the policyholder dies from an accident, the beneficiary will receive the full death benefit. The accidental death clause, for example, includes death in an automobile accident where the person either died at the scene or within 90 days of any injury sustained. However, the benefit does not include death during the war, medical surgeries, or poisoning among other cases as accidental.

  • This program is insured by LifeShield National Insurance Company.
  • Guaranteed Issue – 5 Year Renewable and Convertible Modified Term Life
  • Renewable to Age 75 – Graded Death Benefit During First Two Years
  • Cost, as shown, includes NCE Membership – NCE GAP Afford Benefits
  • Currently Available in – AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, WV, WY. The additional States Pending Approval.

NCE Generation Plus Rates

* Members are charged a one-time $25.00 activation / application fee at time of enrollment.

Death Benefit

For All Other Deaths

** 5 Year Renewable Term.

Policy Conditions

Even though the policy is extremely flexible and customer-friendly, there are certain important conditions every potential applicant must know about.

1. Eligibility
As there are no rigorous medical tests involved in determining who’s eligible for the policy. Every person aged 18 or older qualifies for the guaranteed life insurance policy. Individuals must be a member of the National Congress of Employer’s Association (NCEA), this is the one-time $25.00 activation/application fee that the member pays at the time of enrollment.

2. Membership Details
The policy effective dates available are generally either the 1st or 15th day of each month. Also, the initial premium payment includes the one-time enrollment fee which is non-refundable. Premium payments are due either the 5th or the 20th of each month depending on when you submitted the application.

3. Termination Guidelines
The policy will be terminated in the case of the policy holder’s death or the certificate expiration date. Also, any individual can opt out of the policy at any time.

Additional Benefits

The NCE Guaranteed Issue Life insurance policy offers a Gap Afford policy program that helps people save money by subsiding many of their medical expenses. The program has no hidden deductibles and allows members unlimited usage. It is also free of any age limitations and medical tests.

The gap affords program also provides discounts on several medical procedures to its members. These services include dental treatments such as fillings, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, crowns, etc. with discounts ranging from 15-50% of the charges.

The program also aids in getting discounts at optical centers for either surgical services or purchasing eyewear. The discount rate can be 10% to 50% depending on the service used. Along with dental and optical care, the program also provides discounts on purchasing hearing aids, purchasing medical supplies, physical therapy, and 24/7 medical and health helplines.


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