Open Care Final Expense Plan Review

Open Care Final Expense Plan

Open Care final expense plan has been appearing on TV for a while now. As We analyze it a little further, we can deduce that it is a Life Insurance broker based in Naples, Florida. Indeed, The commercial describes them as Open Care Insurance services, which most likely identifies them as an independent insurance agency, not an insurance company.

As such, They most likely represent various top-rated insurance companies like; Mutual of Omaha, Gerber Life, AIG, among others. Therefore, You can obtain immediate level death benefit, as well as and guaranteed whole life with 2 years waiting. This will depend on your health and age. These types of policies can help seniors pay for burial expenses and other final expenses while giving their families peace of mind.

How Does the Open Care Senior Plan Work?

The open care senior plan as described in the commercial is for people between 50-85 years of age, and the maximum death benefit is $30,000. However, there are many other plans available for younger and older people and offer more protection. These limits they are describing must be for a particular product they are promoting. For example, Transamerica can insure people younger than 50 years old and can offer up to $50,000 of coverage. On the other hand, Mutual of Omaha offers up to $40,000 for 45- 85 years old and Gerber will only offer a maximum of 25,000 for 50-80 years old with their guaranteed life Insurance program. In conclusion, Open care Senior Plan offers final expense insurance from various insurance companies. Most of our clients save up to 30% on their senior life insurance plans.
Use our calculator today to compare final expense Insurance Quotes with other top-rated Life insurance companies. We have many options on our website with the help of our Life Insurance Calculators.

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Is Open Care Final Expense plans Expensive?

Well, as you can see, Open care Final expense TV Commercials use the terms “as little as ?” , or “Up to ?” for marketing purposes only. As low as $7.49 per month, is referring to a healthy, non-smoking female purchasing $2,000 in coverage. That’s barely enough for a direct cremation.
When visiting their website, you will find a table (see below) with $8,000 in coverage with prices ranging from $17-$252 per month. This provides more evidence that they represent various carriers, just like our agency does.

What products does Open Care Insurance offer?

Open Care Senior plans offers up to $30,000 in coverage, specifically No Exam Whole Life Insurance. After all, this is the right type of coverage you need for your future funeral and burial expenses. They have 3 types of whole life to choose from:

  • Level Benefit Whole life: Even though there is no medical examinations, you will be required to answer some medical questions. Furthermore, the insurance company may verify your medications and health history.
  • Graded Benefit Whole Life:If you did not qualify for the level plan, you may be able to get approved for a graded plan. This plan has a 2-year waiting period before you’re insured.
  • Guaranteed Whole Life: These plans guarantee your approval without medical questions. In fact, this is the most popular plan for individuals with poor health.

Is Term Life affordable With Open Care Senior Plan?

First, we would never recommend term life insurance for final expense purposes. Term Life, terminates. This is why is cheaper. The life insurance company knows you have a 90% of chance of outliving the term. For example, let’s say you are 55 years old, and you took out a $50,000 20 year term life policy. By the time it terminates, you are already 75 yrs old. At this point you cannot extend the term, and good luck qualifying for permanent life insurance then. The Open care term life insurance plan offers between $25,000 and $500.000 of protection without any blood or urine testing. In fact, if you are between ages 18 – 75 you may qualify for coverage. However, you may go through a PHI (Personal History Interview), and your prescription records may be requested. This is Why is called simplified issue. It is simple, but it does not mean is as easy to get as final expense insurance.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to compare Term Life Insurance Quotes with other top-rated Life insurance companies. We have many options on our website with the help of our Life Insurance Calculators.

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Is Open Care Final Expense Plan Better And Cheaper?

Since we have concluded that Open care Senior Plan is an insurance broker, not an insurance carrier, they offer similar plans to many other insurance agencies online. Most agencies, like open care insurance, provides a variety of products online for middle-aged individuals and seniors as well. They have plans available for healthy, unhealthy and uninsurable clients. However, Our advantage with Final Expense Rate is the unique insurance calculators we offer. It is as Easy as 1,2,3!:



Each page explains with clearly and concisely the options and benefits each product category offers. We invite you to use our calculators and compare prices with our program. We maybe be able to help you find just what you are looking for.

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