Transamerica: Your caring life insurance provider

Transamerica Corporation was Founded more than a century ago, and it comprises a myriad of investment companies and life insurance firms. It has hundreds of offices all over the United States.

Transamerica is committed to providing financial security to everyone to help people get through life’s challenges. They offer affordable innovative insurance and financial products to help you build a solid foundation for today and tomorrow.  The company’s main products include Final Expense Insurance, Universal Life, and Term Life Insurance solutions. Thus, it allows everyone to find the ideal policy for his/her case.

Final expense life insurance options

Even though discussing end-of-life issues may cause serious inconvenience, it is not something you can turn a blind eye to. This is what all life insurance agents in Transamerica know for sure. Owing to their years of experience in the field, they can help you make good use of your money before it’s too late. With its final expense insurance policies, Transamerica allows you to avoid placing a financial burden on your loved ones in the darkest hours. Remember, planning for the inevitable is a wise and reasonable step that is worth considering now.

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Transamerica Life Insurance has designed very complete and well-thought-out final expense policies. In fact, they  provide 3  Final Expense  solutions:

  • Immediate Solutions
  • 10-Pay Solutions
  • Easy Solutions

One of the unique features of the Transamerica Final Expense plan is the fact that it offers preferred and standard pricing on its policies. Additionally, they are very flexible with diabetics before age 45.

Use our Final Expense Calculator and find the best plan for your needs and budget

Nowadays, average final expenses in the United States may go up to $10.000, making it more difficult for the family to overcome the death of a loved one. On top of that, an ever-increasing inflation rate will force Americans to pay a few more thousand dollars for funeral and memorial services in the nearest future. However, there is a way out. With Transamerica’s final expense insurance solutions, you get covered against all graveside fees right after your policy is issued. To put it simply, it is an extra level of security that enables your nearest to get through the loss without spending their last penny.

 Features and benefits:

  • Issue ages: Immediate solution (0-85), 10-Pay solution (0-85), Easy solution (18-80).
  • Coverage requires no waiting period.
  • Level death benefit with the minimum amount of $1,000.
  • Premiums are not subject to change with age.
  • Optional riders are available and vary from state to state.
  • No health check-ups.

As for the maximum death benefit, the payable amount depends on the age of a policyholder and the solution type.

AgeImmediate Solution10-Pay SolutionEasy Solution
0-55$50,000$50,000$25,000 with some limitations during the first two years of coverage.

Riders can be bought on Immediate solution and 10-pay solution for additional protection. Few other riders are also available at additional premium costs.

 Transamerica Universal Life Insurance

Life is full of challenges. No one is certain what will happen tomorrow. The last thing anyone would want is left devastated and worried about a financial issue. Transamerica’s Alliance Solutions Universal not only provides coverage for death but also offers living benefits. You can withdraw accumulated value to meet your goals and make your dreams come true. You can even withdraw cash for emergencies.

Why Alliance Solutions Universal Life Insurance is the right choice?

We all have to die one day. But the wisest of us is he who prepares a plan for his family and loved ones so that they continue to love with dignity. With living benefits offered in this policy, you can secure your future as:

  • It helps you pay for the treatment of critical illness, chronic and terminal illness.
  • It compensates income from not working due to illness.
  • It helps you pay mortgage and tuition fees
  • With our living benefits, you can accelerate the death benefit. The following riders are available at no additional premium costs.
  • Terminal illness accelerated death benefit rider
  • Chronic illness accelerated death benefit rider
  • Critical illness accelerated death benefit rider

Other than these value-added riders are also available at an additional premium cost.

The maximum total lifetime benefits under all accelerated benefit riders are $500,000.

Transamerica Term Life Insurance

What if the sole bread earner of your family passes away? Is your family capable of paying for mortgage, education expenses, or child care? Transamerica’s Term life insurance guarantees a monthly income stream, a cash value to help you pay for any illness, protects against monetary losses, and pays for your final expenses. The monthly premiums are affordable and cost you less than a daily cup of coffee. It offers two products under this policy: Trendsetter Super and Trendsetter Lb.

Most of the terms options and additional benefits are similar in both products. Although Trendsetter Super doesn’t offer monthly disability income riders. The trendsetter super doesn’t offer accelerated death benefits for critical and chronic illnesses whereas the Trendsetter covers terminal, critical, and chronic illnesses. The maximum face amount no medical exam in Trendsetter LB is up to $249,999 and up to $99.999 in trendsetter super.

Rest assured that Transamerica agents will find an ideal Life Insurance plan for your needs. Please see the company’s guides to get more details on your solution. To learn more information about Transamerica’s life insurance policy, follow this link.

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