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For more than 70 Years United Home Life Insurance Company has been helping clients with simplified No Exam life insurance products. A.M. Best, a leading independent analyst of the insurance industry since 1899, has assigned a financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) to United Home Life, and a financial strength rating of A (Excellent) to United Farm Family Life. These are the fourth and third highest ratings, respectively, out of 16 ratings. Combined, They have more than $2 billion in assets and over $20 billion of life insurance in force, so they are solidly positioned to meet the promises they’ve made. This provides our clients confidence and peace of mind when they need insurance arrives.

United Home Life: The No Exam Life Insurance Company

Buying life insurance can be difficult at times, especially with the current insurance providers. It is so disappointing to undergo medical tests just to try to get an insurance policy, or even worse, get declined and have our record tainted with negative reviews. But does it have to be this way all the time? The answer is no. Things have changed. With United Home Life Insurance, you are guaranteed to get the best-simplified issue life insurance policies in the easiest way possible. United Home Life (also known as United Farm Family Life) is an insurance company that was formed to offer Life insurance policies without the need for physical examination.

It is the solution to all your insurance problems. At a mature or middle age, you may have realized that it is no longer easy to locate and find a suitable insurance provider who is very willing to provide non-medical life insurance for your needs. United Home Life Insurance Company allows you to access no exam life insurance which is beneficial to you and your loved ones. The company specializes in making sure that you qualify for their insurance services without any problems or inconveniences.

Why choose United Home Life Insurance?

United Home Life Insurance company has a good history of quality services. As a matter of fact, it was founded on the virtue of quality, personalized services to all its customers. The company’s motto is, “life insurance made simple”. This motto shows that the company’s dealings are based on an easy provision of life insurance coverage for all. As a matter of fact, many customers who have obtained its services often encourage friends and family members to take the next step and obtain insurance services with United Home Life.It is one of the best insurance companies dealing with simplified issue life insurance products in the market today. With this in mind, Let’s take look at some of their most popular products.

Simplified Whole life Insurance (United Home Life Final Expense)

Our life products are permanent whole life plans with a guaranteed death benefit and cash value. United Home Life offers three final expense products, namely; Express Issue Premier, Express Issue Deluxe, and Express Issue Whole Life. All three products offer these invaluable grantees:
– A death benefit guaranteed never to go down.
– Premiums are guaranteed never to go up.
– Cash value that grows over time, as long as premiums are paid.

  • Express Issue Premier is one of most affordable final expense plans in the market today. Furthermore , it offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to health related requirements. In fact all you have to do is answer some medical questions via phone and you will get a fast approval.
  • Express Issue Deluxe is for those clients who may have some health issues, which have not become chronic yet. The rates are a bit higher than Express issue premier, but still very affordable. They have optional riders, namely: Accidental Death Benefit Rider and Child Rider. These two riders enable the company to modify its services to suit your particular needs.
  • Express Issue Whole Life– This is a graded benefit permanent life insurance policy. A 2 year waiting is applicable only during the first two years of the contract (policy) and only if the policy holder dies by natural causes. However, there is an immediate death benefit available due to accidental causes. The policy also has free riders meant to give value-added protection at no cost.Therefore, if you were to pass away of natural causes, your beneficiary will receive all the premiums you paid plus 12% interest in the first year, and premiums plus 24% interest in the second year. It is on the best return of premium plus interest guarantee in the market today!

Express Issue by Age and Amounts

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No Exam Term Life Insurance from United Home Life

United Home life insurance not only offers whole life insurance, but also simplified issue Term Life insurance. With the non medical term life option you can obtain as little as 25,000 all the way to 200,000 of life insurance without blood or urine exams. It is truly one of the easiest way to get a term life insurance approval quickly. Additionally, united home life offers the ROP option or Return of Premium Benefit. This means that at the end of the term, you have the option to receive 100% of the premiums you paid! Also, as an alternative, if you do not want your money back, United Home life offers a Reduced Paid Up insurance option.This means that you can exchange the premiums you already paid for a new life insurance of less value good until age 95! See Example HERE. Now, Let’s take a look at the advantages and benefits it offers:

  • No blood exams, or lengthy medical questionnaires.
  • You only need to complete a Phone History Interview (PHI) to qualify .
  • Your premiums will not increase during the initial term period (20, or 30 years).
  • No need to qualify medically when you renew.
  • Immediate coverage available for insulin-dependent diabetics.
  • Coverage that can’t be cancelled so long you pay your premiums.
  • Additional benefits in the form of riders*, which can help you enhance your basic coverage.

A No Exam Term Life insurance provides protection for every stage of your life, whether you are starting a family, buying a home, or to supplement coverage you already have through your employer.

* United Home Life offers several riders including: Disability Benefit (Waiver of Premium), Accidental Death Benefit Rider, Child Rider
, and a no‑cost Accelerated Benefit Rider for Terminal Illness .

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